Benicia Fastpitch Girls Softball, previously known as Benicia Pal Girls' Softball is a nonprofit sports league that serves girls ages 4-18 years old that live in Benicia and its surrounding cities. We welcome all girls of all levels! Benicia Outlaws Trav

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Benicia, California
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Benicia Outlaws Board meeting-
November 14, 2013
7:30 pm
Benicia Round Table Pizza
Members in attendance- Rob Wardlow, Dawn Montero, Seth Thomas, Michael Maher, Rodney Thormahlen, Shawn Coombs, Mike Haro, William Mendiola, Brian Wibben, and Druscilla Wibben.
Meeting called to order at 7: 26 pm
Brian Wibben made a motion to approve the minutes. Rodney Thormahlen seconded the motion.  All were in favor, no one was opposed.
Treasurer’s report- Outstanding balances for Outlaws must be paid before tryouts for Outlaws. 
Website for Benicia Fastpitch is up and it was discussed that Outlaws split the cost of the renewal fee.  Shawn Coombs proposed that BFP pay 60% and Outlaws pay 40% of the renewal fee. The total cost is $694.00 per year.  Brian Wibben seconded the motion, all were in favor and no one was opposed.
“A” player exemptions-   Rob proposed the executive board would be able to approve out of town girls if there wasn’t enough to field a team.  The topic will be brought up at the Rules committee meeting as well. 
Tryouts will be held on Sunday, November 17,2013 for 14A and 18A.  Tryouts will be on Field 3. Tryouts will be at 10:00 am and 9:00 am check in time.  Mike Haro, 14A Manager, will put together a proposal for the fees for 14A’s and email it out to the board.  Treasurer, Brian Wibben, has been working with Mike Haro, 14A Manager, regarding the 2014 Player 14A fees.  After reviewing the previous years 18A player fees, possibly the 14A would be playing 8 or more tournaments. Based on 8 tournaments the fees would be estimated around $525 plus Outlaw raffle booklet. The final fee’s will be emailed to the board this Saturday, prior to try outs.
Fundraisers- will be brought up at a later date to raise money for Outlaws towards possible new uniforms and other expenses approved by the board.
Shawn Coombs is talking to Benicia High School about field space in 2014.
Meeting adjourned-7:55 pm
Next meeting December 12, 2013  at 7:30pm at Benicia Round Table Pizza
Minutes submitted by: Druscilla Wibben

Benicia Outlaws Meeting
October 10,2013
Round Table Pizza
Members in attendance:  Marco Ruiz, Rodney Thormahlen, Teresa Ray, Sarah Richardson, Seth Thomas , Mike Maher, Tim Northern, Shawn Coombs, Jason Tatro, Sean Yates, Mike Haro, William Mendiola, Dawn Montero, Rob Wardlow, Brian Wibben, Druscilla Wibben, Theresa Ajari, Kellie Sweeney.
Meeting called to order at 7: 41 pm
Rodney Thormahlen made a motion to approve the minutes. William Mendiola  seconded the motion.  All were in favor and the motion was passed.
Treasurer report-Brian was able to collect the $640.00 for the refrigerator from soccer.  Brian was able to collect $600 from past due player payments.  There is still $1100.00 outstanding. 
Fall Ball- 14U  Two tournaments and have taken first and second place in those tournaments.
10B- They have played two tournaments and took second place in the Napa  gold bracket. 

10C- Played two tournaments so far and took first place in the silver bracket.
Rob Wardlow has addressed to all managers that there is to be no hitting during weekday practices.
Rules committee will be on October 17, 2013 at 6:30 at Round Table Pizza.
New Business- None
Meeting adjourned to everyone but committee members.
Voting to take place now. 
Next meeting November 14,2013 at 7:30pm at Round Table Pizza Benicia

Benicia Outlaws Board Meeting
Round Table Pizza
Sept 12, 2013
Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order at 7:40pm
Members in attendance: Rob Wardlow, Rodney Thormahlen, Pat Vance, Rob Towernick, Sean Yates, Mike Haro, Brian Wibben, Kellie Sweeney, Tim Wade, Diannah Cox, Sarah Richardson, Druscilla Wibben, Tim Northern, Mike Maher, William Mendiola
Review of minutes from last meeting, Rob Wardlow approved minutes. Rodney Thormahlen seconded.
There are a few players that set up payment plans that haven’t paid anything.  Brian had suggested that next year we have first payment collected before uniforms and gear is handed out and after that if next payment is not met the player will sit until payment is made.  Outlaws were positive $500 for 2013 Summer Season.  Brian was able to collect $640 for the refrigerator repair from soccer.  Outlaws will need to decide what to do in the future about soccer using the ice machine, freezer, and refrigerator.  Will be discussed at a later meeting.  Balance is $6202.00 with some outstanding balances. 
Fall ball update-  10’s Tim Wade has 12 players, 10 from the summer league and 2 new players that were once Outlaws.  They will be playing in 5 tournaments. 1st tournament in Martinez, Sept 14th.
14’s-  Mike Haro has 12 players, 2 returning from another league. Practicing 3 times a week and doing well. 1st tournament in Martinez, Sept 14th.
10C-  Jason Tatro has 11 players, practicing 2 times a week. Playing in 4 tournaments.  6 players from 8’s moved up and 5 players from 10C summer team. 1st tournament in Martinez, Sept 14th.
Rules committee meeting will be October 17,2013 at 6:30 Round Table Pizza in Benicia.  Rob Towernick suggested that “C” managers be voted in at the same time as “B” managers.  Rob Wardlow referred to the bylaws about when the “C” manager is chosen.  It is a subject that would be discussed at the Rules Committee Meeting.  Everyone is invited to discuss and purpose new rules. Rules require a vote from the Board before being adopted per the BFP bylaws.
Names with positions will be posted on the website at and will be voted on at the next Outlaw Board meeting on October 10th @ 7:30pm at the Benicia Round Table.
Director- Rob Wardlow, (Brian Wibben nominated. Mike Maher seconded)
                   Sean Yates (Rodney Thormahlen seconded.)
Secretary- Druscilla Wibben (Brian Wibben nominated, and Mike Haro seconded)
(Rob Wardlow-Outlaw Director, Nominated the following):
Tournament  Directors - Kellie Sweeney (Mike Haro seconded) AND
                                     Dawn Montero- (Mike Haro seconded) AND
Treasurer- Brian Wibben- (Kellie Sweeney seconded)          
                 Tracey Hardesty-(Rodney Thormahlen seconded)
8’s – Jason Tatro-(Kellie Sweeney seconded)
10’s- Pat Vance- (Mike Maher seconded)
          Sarah Richardson-Jones - (Rodney Thormahlen seconded)
          Tim Northern- (Sean Yates seconded)
          Steve Walling- (Rodney Thormahlen seconded)
12’s – Rodney Thormahlen - (Tim Wade seconded)
14’s- Mike Haro with the request it be an “A” team– Rob Wardlow nominated-  
“A” ball – Proposition-the Middle school players would still play house league and the team would practice on Sundays.  William Mendiola supports 14A and commented that our league needs 14A to keep our players with the Outlaw organization.  Shawn Coombs relayed his support via Rob Wardlow.  Rob Wardlow supports 14 A as well for the same reasons. 
Mike Haro proposes that Outlaws have a 14 A team.  Druscilla Wibben seconded the motion. 
16B- Michael Maher- (Rodney Thormahlen nominated- Druscilla Wibben seconded)
18 “A” – Rob Wardlow- (Brian Wibben-nominated, Mike Maher seconded)
New business- Field usage is always an issue in the Fall.  Rob Wardlow has brought up the issues with the city. Softball and Soccer are becoming a more year round sport and more fields are needed. Rodney Thormahlen also brought up that the school district needs to be contacted about the creation and use of more fields.  Mark Hughes, Benicia City Councilman, has offered to attend a meeting to discuss upgrades for the softball fields and discuss ideas about the future.
Meeting Adjourned 8:49 pm
Next meeting October 10,2013 7:30-9:30 at Benicia Round Table Pizza
Minutes submitted by: Druscilla Wibben, Secretary
Benicia Outlaws - August 8th, 2013
Vacation Break for the Outlaw Board
2014 Outlaw Board Nominations for all positions are being accepted.
Email with your application and qualifications.

Next Meeting September 12, 2013 at 7:30pm at Benicia Round Table

Benicia Outlaws- July 11,2013
Round Table
Members in attendance:  Rodney Thormahlen, Kellie Sweeney, Brian Wibben, Pat Vance, Rob Wardlow, Druscilla Wibben, Mike Maher and Tim Northern.
Meeting called to order at 7:25pm
Minutes- will review next meeting
Treasurer’s report- $3500 past due payments in player fees. Brian will be contacting parents again tonight to let them know what they still owe.  Last resort Brian will send a list of outstanding balances to managers.  Managers can then contact parents.  $640 was spent for repairs on the fridge.  Balance will be available next month.
Michael Maher has a player who will only play 3 paid tournaments.  The Board agreed that $225 was an amount to charge the player. 
Raffle Tickets- Due Sunday July 14,2013.  The drawing will be 11:00 on Sunday.  Winners will receive a check in the mail.
There’s a pitching machine that is broken and needs to replaced through the warranty.  Brian will look into the warranty on the machine.
Shotwell- Friday night field prep- Vance and Yates have community park.  Maher is prepping BMS.  Rodney will be prepping BHS field.  Fields need to be done and nets need to be put on the dugouts.  Pat Vance will go over all the rules for fields.  There will be two field crews for BHS and BMS for $20 ea.  $80 will be spent on the field crews.
Kellie- will be having books with the rules and brackets for each team.  Dawn Montero is getting the trophies.  Pat Vance will put the bracket board up and Outlaw sign up.  The 12’s teams and 16’s will grab water at Community Park to sell at the Middle School and the High School.  After championship game all BFP/Outlaws needs to be put away in the green container. 
Canteen Volunteers- Sign ups need to be submitted to Kat by Friday, July 11,2013
Fall Ball-    8u Jason will not be
                    10B-Pat Vance will not be, Maybe Tim Wade
                    10C-Maybe Jason Tatro
                    12B- Rodney will not be
                    16B- Mike Maher will not be
                   18A- Rob will not be
If there is anyone who wants to take on a team that a coach is not doing fall ball.  A letter of intent needs to be sent in ASAP.  Letters are due by July 25,2013.  Fees will be determined by the number of tournaments that will be played.  If there is an opening on a team playing fall ball.  A practice tryout will need to be held for the players wanting to play fall ball.   Fall Ball needs to be paid in full no payment plans or scholarships will be accepted. 
Meeting adjourned- 8: 41pm
Next meeting – August 8,2013
Minutes submitted by Druscilla Wibben

Outlaw Board Meeting
June 10th, 2013

Meeting called to order at 8:03pm.

Members in Attendance: Rob Wardlow, Jason Tatro, Kellie Sweeney, Dawn Montero, Rodney Thormahlen, Shawn Coombs

Details of how the upcoming Del Holson Tournament held in Benicia will be organized and ran.
The ranking of teams and Tournament Brackets were made for 8U-16U age levels.

Meeting adjourned.
Next meeting July 11th, 2013 at 7:30pm at Round Table Pizza.

Outlaw Board meeting
May 9,2013
Round Table Pizza
7:00 pm
Meeting called to order at 8:13pm
Rodney Thormahlen made a motion to approve the minutes.  Mike Maher seconded the motion and all were in favor.  No one was opposed.
Treasures report-  see report.  Bal. $2975.00  Lately jerseys, balls, bags, helmets, and ice packs were ordered. 
Bags- Demarini bags were ordered because the mizuno wheeled bag is discontinued.  The demarini bag was the closest wheeled bag that could be embroidered. 
Members in attendance: Kellie Sweeney, Mike Maher, Jason Tatro, Sean Yates, Rob Wardlow, Rodney Thormalen, Tim Northern, Brian Wibben, Rob Wardlow and Druscilla  Wibben.
Team status-  8U 12 players
10C- 12 players
10B- 12 players
12B- 12 players
14B- Eddie and Randy are no longer going to manage the team.  The position is open.  There was not enough girls to field a team. 
Rob Wardlow suggested that there is no 14B team because of the time frame.  The girls can play 12c or 16B.  There were two 12c players that were going to move up to 14b and 2 girls that could move up to 16b.
Rob Wardlow handed ASA rosters to each manager to be filled out and signed.  They must be signed to register teams for tournaments. 
Rob Wardlow brought up that next year possibly ordering new uniforms next year.  To be discussed at a later date.
Brian Wibben printed up a copy of all the teams that have signed up for our tournaments.  Coaches need to have a copy of birth certificates with them and attach one for each player to forms that need to be signed for ASA. 
Have cards in order with your roster.  Rob suggested that you make a copy of cards or Rodney thormahlen suggested a business card holder and place cards in order of the roster.  All managers need to have a copy of insurance with the rosters.  If a team plays in a different organization there needs to be a roster for that organization.  
Need to order 3 Bownets for 16’s Maher, 10 Yates, 8 Tatro.
Practice times-  Rob Wardlow will be sending something out this week with times and days.  Outlaws will have the fields starting March 19,2013.  The schedule will depend on field availability.
Tournaments- Rob Wardlow has found a group of guys to hire for field maintanece.  Parents will still need to be there to help.  Rob Wardlow made a motion to pay these guys $500 per tournament.  Kellie Sweeney seconded the motion and all were in favor.  No one was opposed.  Parents are still required to volunteer 4 hours.  There is the option to pay someone to do those volunteer hours.  Rob Wardlow suggested that we hire someone to BBQ on a trailer BBQ.  Outlaws would pay for the meat and outlaws would pay him.  Rob Wardlow will send out a vote by email once he has the numbers.  There will still need to be volunteers for the canteen.    Vendors have been contacted for tournaments.  Permits need to be done for vendors before they come to the park.  Rodney suggested that each age bracket be even numbers.  Any other team will be put on a waiting list until enough is signed up for even numbers.
Tournament fees-  Brian Wibben reviewed our registration fees.  Outlaws is now providing practice shirts, tournament fees have been raised $25-$50 per tournament.  The bylaws state that each team is allowed $1600 per season. 
Meeting adjourned 9:10pm until june 13,2013

Outlaw Board meeting- April 29, 2013

Round Table Pizza- 7:00 pm
Members in attendance- Pat Vance, Eddie Rojas, Randy Saitz, Jason Tatro, Michael Maher, Kelli Sweeney, Druscilla Wibben, Sean Yates, Tim Northern, Dawn Montero, Marco Ruiz, Jason Matthews and Rodney Thormahlen and Rob Wardlow.
Meeting called to order at 7:20 pm
Rob Wardlow brought up the concern for trying out for more than one team.  Rob Wardlow made a motion that girls only try out for one team.  Randy Saitz seconded the motion and all were in favor.  No one was opposed.  In the event that they try out for a team and do not make it on that team.  They have the option to play on the age group above or below as long as they are age appropriate if the team needs more girls.  Rob Wardlow will ask Brian Wibben to send out an email blast reminder about tryouts and that they can only tryout for one team.  Also if it could be added to the website home page.
Coaches interested in coaching second teams- Marco Ruiz, Shawn Coombs and Rob Towernick put in for the 12’s.  Sean Yates put in to manage the second team for the 10’s.  The board agreed that second coaches would be determined after tryouts. 
Practice Times and Fields-
8u-  Sunday 10-1 on field 3
10U- Sunday 4-6 on field 3
12U- Sunday 5-7 on field 1
14U- Sunday 8-10 on field 1
16U- Sunday 2-4 on field 3
18U- Sunday 10-1 on field 1
New Business- Jason Tatro proposed that his 8U team be able to purchase sleeveless jerseys on their own.  It will be discussed more next year. 
Scholarships-  Two scholarships per team.  Managers will work out payment plans and decide who gets a scholarships. 
Meeting adjourned- 8:27 pm
Next meeting May 8,2013
Minutes submitted by: Druscilla Wibben, Secretary of Outlaws

Outlaw Board meeting
April 11,2013
Round Table pizza
7:00 pm
Attendees- Kellie Sweeney, Randy Saitz, Eddie Rojas, Marco Ruiz, Michael Maher, Rob Wardlow, Brian Wibben, Pat Vance, Jason Tatro and Druscilla Wibben.
Meeting called to order at 7:40 pm
Brian Wibben seconded the minutes and Pat Vance seconded the motion.  All were in favor no one was opposed.
Rob Wardlow nominated Kellie Sweeney for Tournament Director and Brian Wibben seconded the nomination.  All were in favor and no one was opposed.  There are still more positions open for co- directors.  All applicants can email Rob Wardlow. 
Treasurer’s Report-
City of Benicia field use fees-$730.00 ($10 per player)
Pitching machine-$649.00
Pitching net-$259.00
Balance around- a little over $8000.00
Rob Wardlow made a motion to approve the treasures report, Michael Maher seconded the motion.  All were in favor, no one was opposed.
Coaches updates and Bios- Jason Tatro, Rob Wardlow, Pat Vance and Eddie Rojas have turned in their bios.  Waiting on a few other coaches. 
Possible “C” team and coaches-
Rob wardlow has fliers printed up and will start to hand those out next week.  If there is a possibility of a second ”B” team for any age division a letter of interest needs to be turned into Rob Wardlow.  Marco Ruiz recommended that the second team not be named a “C” team. 
Tryouts- May 1,2013 Fields 1 and 3 are available.  The 12’s and 14’s will be held on
 May 1,2013.  The 12’s will be on field 1 5:00-7:00 and 14’s will be on field 3 starting at 5:00-7:00pm. Be there at 4:30 for check in.
May 2,2013 Fields 3 and 4 are available.  The 10’s will start at 5:00 pm- 7:00 pm on field 4. The 8’s will start at 5:30-7:00pm on field 3.  16’s will be on field 4 7:00-9:00pm. Tryout specifics will be discussed at another meeting before May 1,2013.
Evaluations- One manager and one coach no more than two people evaluating the team.  Evaluations will be in the booth to insure privacy. 
Makeups- tentatively Friday, May 3,2013 will be a makeup. 
Players will be notified on May 3,2013 and registration on May 4,2013 at Matthew Turner multi purpose room. 
Registration- 8:30-11:30am 
Stations- Pictures-
                  Spirit wear-
There will be an online registration option for those who would like to Saturday Morning.  You can also pay by credit card online the night before and at registration. 
Scholarships- 2 per team and parents must contact manager about a scholarship. 
Tournament Dates- Del Holsen-June 15 & 16
                                       Firecracker- June 29 & 30
                                       Shotwell- July 13 & 14
Vendors- Kap Photos will be at one or maybe two tournaments.  Print slingers will be at possibly all three tournaments.
Concession- Rob Wardlow suggested that we have someone bbq and outlaws will provide the meat.  The concession would offer candy, soda and water.  Concession will be discussed at a later date.
UIC- Rob Wardlow will contact Rodney Thormahlen about finding a UIC. 
Field Maintenance- $500 per tournament for field maintenance will be paid.  Outlaws is looking for people who would be interested.  Pat Vance will be the contact person for field maintenance. 
Softball count- Shawn Coombs will count and let Rob Wardlow know.
Rob Wardlow would like to have an Outlaw player picture.  Rob Wardlow will let managers know when the date will be.    
Next meeting- Monday, April 29 at 7:00 pm Round Table Pizza
New business- Marco suggested that Outlaws split a drag with BFP. 
Meeting adjourned- 8:59 pm
Minutes submitted by Druscilla Wibben


Outlaws Minutes
March 14,2013
Round Table Pizza 7:00 pm
Members in attendance- Rob Wardlow, Brian Wibben, Druscilla Wibben, Jason Tatro, Pat Vance and Michael Maher.
Meeting called to order: 7:10 pm
Brian Wibben moved to approve the minutes.  All were in favor.  Motion was passed to approve the minutes.
Treasures report- Brian Wibben paid $585 for 18A tourney.  There have been no other changes to treasurer’s report.   Brian is still collecting about $1,000.00 in past due fees.   Any outstanding balance should be paid before playing in the 2013 season.
Website Update- Rob Wardlow has access to the website to update it as needed.   Coaches need to write up a bio to put on the website.  The website will be used for teams to register and pay for Benicia Tournaments.
Registration- Outlaws is going to try and set up registration online.  There will be a few laptops there to register there as well.  Tryouts will be on May 1,2013.  Makeup tryouts will be on May 2,2013.  Friday, May 3,2013 coaches will post online the players that made it.  Saturday at 8:30 am- 11:00 am will be registration at Matthew Turner Elementary. 
Pat Vance will contact William Mendiola about May 1,2013 games.  We will need field 1 and field 3 for tryouts if possible to reschedule games.
Tournament Director(s)- The website should help the tournament director(s).  Tim Northen showed some interest. 
Tournaments- There is five ASA tournaments on June 15 and June 16 (Del Holson Tournament).   Rob Wardlow will get in contact with Shawn Coombs and figure out if there is enough field space to change the date of the Del Holson Tournament to Memorial Day weekend.  A decision will need to be made ASAP about changing the date due to four other tournaments happening on the same day.      An email will be sent out early next week with a verdict about tournament. 
Tournament fees- Jason Tatro proposed the 8u Arsenal team to do field maintenance.  Outlaws will pay $425 for field maintenance.  Another option is to hire some high school kids to do the fields. Brian proposed to raise player fees by $25 per player and raise the tournament fees per team $25.  Pat Vance seconded the motion and all were here. 
Concession- Rob Wardlow proposed that outlaws hire someone for barbequing.   The concession will be open for candy and drinks.     
Pitching Machine and net-Rob Wardlow proposed that every pitching machine have a net in front of it. Outlaws would buy a pitching machine and a net.  Benicia Fastpitch will buy one net.  The pitching machine that was purchased last year was around $650.  Pat Vance made a motion to approve up to $1500.00 to spend on a net and pitching machine for Outlaws.  Michael Maher seconded the motion.  All were in favor and the motion was approved. 
Softballs- Rob Wardlow suggested that we purchase softballs with BFP to ensure we have enough for summer league.  Rob proposed that we spend no more than $1500.00 on balls.   Brian Wibben seconded the motion and all were in favor. 
Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm until April ,2013
Minutes submitted by: Druscilla Wibben


February 7th, 2013
Round Table Benicia CA
Meeting Called to Order at 8:27pm
Members in attendance: Rob Wardlow, Brian Wibben, Rodney Thormahlen,
Pat Vance, Mike Maher, Tim Northern, and Dawn Montero.
Treasurer Report by Brian Wibben – Balance $12,148. No new income or expense in 2013 to report. Still trying to collect over $1300 in past due fees from 2012 Season.
We paid $750 for Summer 2012 Benicia Player Fee to the City of Benicia.
Possibility of merging our current Outlaw website with the BFP website. Creating an Outlaw Online Registration process before to streamline the time during sign ups, pictures, uniforms, and Outlaw gear.
Mike Maher- Approved by BFP Executive Board to run 16B Outlaw Team. Eddie Rojas to Managed 14B.
Outlaw B Try Outs May 1st, make up May 2nd, Registration Friday, May 3rd @ Matthew Turner @ 6:30-8pm, or possibly Saturday, May 4th, depending on venue availability
**CHECK Matthew Turner for availability on Sat May 4th evening for registration***
Druscilla Wibben to check availability and confer back to Rob Wardlow.
Open Outlaw Board Positions:
1) Tournament Directors: Looking for 2-3 directors to work together and split the responsibilities. 1 Main and 2 assistants per Tournament, and evenly rotate the Main Tournament Director position.
Possibly taking advantage of new website to organize home tournaments and utilize new way to text and email all visiting managers and coaches.
TD?  Need a Job description for Tournament Director.  Discussed majority of the requirements of a 2-3 team Tournament Director.
Possibly look into a College Student to be a Tournament Director for College Credit.
2) Outlaw Webmaster: Open
Looking for more parents to come to the Outlaw Open Board Meetings.
Outlaw Summer 2013 Home Tournaments:
  1. Del Holson June 15th and 16th,
  2. Firecracker, possibly June 29 & June 30th.
3) Shotwell July 13th and 14th.
Livermore has changed their tournament from Memorial Weekend to Fathers Day Weekend June 15th & 16th, same as our 1st Del Holson Home Tournament.
Managers and Outlaw Board need to advertise and recruit teams to our Del Holson Tournament.
Summer Work Crews: Hire 3-4 people to do Field Maintenance during the tournament.   $425 per tournament. 3 Tournaments for the Summer 2013.
Rodney Thormahlen moves to approve Summer Work Crews, Pat Vance 2nd.
Rest of Board, approved unanimously.
Discussed possibility of adding $10-$20 to tournament fee’s to help cover Field Maintenance crew.  We charge $400, and average 2013 fees are $425.
We are to discuss possibly increasing tournament fee’s for 2013 Summer Season.
A’s Tickets 50/50 Fundraising:  April 27th at 1:05pm A’s vs Orioles
Need to ask permission from BFP Board for approval to sell A’s tickets.
Advertise on BFP & Outlaw website with shopping cart, sell at BFP concession stand, Outlaw 18A to sell. $35 per ticket. Fundraising of $18 per ticket.
Seats located in Lower Box Rows 1-20 directly above the A’s bullpen.
Final payment and headcount is Due Friday, April 12th.
A’s have offered a custom Free Flyer to help advertise and spread the word.
Next Meeting March 7th, 2013 Time and Location to be emailed out a week before and advertised on our website.
Meeting adjourned at 9:25pm.