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2024 Spring Season

Become a Team Parent

A Team Parent is an important part of every team. They are the Manager’s assistant, parent/child liaison and traffic director all in one. These are things you will already be doing if your child is on the team, so why not take it another step and help the entire team operate smoother.

Every Manager needs help arranging snacks and water for games, making calls when practice or game times change, scheduling/planning team events and keeping an energetic team in line in the dugout. You’re making a difference for a whole team – a team that includes your child. It’s a great way to make your child’s team a family experience!

While you will be responsible for several tasks, an important role as a Team Parent is to delegate the roles of a successful team that you can help develop, Including:

  • Photography
  • Score Keeping
  • Field Prep

Please step up at the beginning of the season and offer the coach your help as Team Parent.

Team Parent Responsibilities

One person should not take on all these jobs. Rather, one or more person(s) should serve as a “Team Parent” (e.g., a Mom or a Dad) in order to coordinate job assignments (see below). It makes for a stronger team and provides the girls with a good example of teamwork functioning well.

The Team Parent is responsible for doing or delegating the following:

TEAM BANNER/PENNANT: Purchase a team banner/Pennant. Generally, team banners are displayed during each game on the fence or near the team’s assigned dug out. Collect money from all player families to equally share the cost for the banner.

UNIFORMS:  Work with your Manager/Coach who will be responsible for picking up uniforms for distribution prior to first game.

THEMED SOCKS, HAIRBANDS, PRACTICE SHIRTS, ETC:  Some teams like to show unity and originality by having team socks that follow their team name or colors or name, and some like to do practice shirts. In addition, they also like to make or buy coordinating hair accessories: hair bows, headbands etc. This should be a Manager and team decision and money should be collected from player families. **This is optional

SNACK SCHEDULE: If you team is creating a Snack Schedule for after games, snacks should consist of a small drink and one snack.  Snacks are meant for the players only and not the siblings or friends of the players. Parents are only required to bring one snack for each player (usually 10-12 players per team). Another viable option is to buy a team snack pack from the snack bar and hand those out so the girls. This is typically an exciting snack and also generates money for the league. **This is optional

CHAPERONES/HELPERS & BACKGROUND CHECKS: Anyone who is planning on assisting the team or being on the field with the players must have a background check on file to do so.  Background checks are only good for a calendar year and must be renewed each and every year involved.  It is helpful to have a female “chaperone” over the age of 18 and with an approved background check present at all functions. This includes the dugout, at practice, and when escorting players to restrooms. The more parents who do this, the better.

PICTURE DAY: Organize the team for Picture Day. Notify players of picture date and time. Players should be in full uniform.  Board coordinator will provide a picture package close to date scheduled.

SCORE KEEPINGEncourage 1-2 parent(s) to be your official scorekeeper. No experience is necessary. The scorekeeper keeps score for the coach on away games and keeps the official score card on home games. Typically a score book can be found in the score booth behind the backstop

PHOTOGRAPHYEncourage 1-2 parent(s) to be your official photographer. No experience is necessary. Photographers are to take pictures at games and practices, and upload them to your team website or submit to the league to have posted on the website and social media.  Each team should try to upload one play per week. This will ensure each team gets the same amount of attention, and no team is forgotten.

DUG OUT HELP Work with your manager to determine what assistance will be needed in the dug out. Typically this is a key role for the younger ages (Peewee, 6U & 8U).  This individual will assist with the lineup and equipment (bats, helmets, catcher’s gear) if necessary. Make sure the batting line up is posted and followed during the game, and that girls are behaving in the dugout. Encourage girls to stay positive, cheer their teammates on, and have fun!  This can be the Coach or the Dugout Parent. Make sure girls remain in the dugout during the game. Only coaches, dugout moms, and players are allowed.

APPRECIATION GIFTS: Order thank you gifts for manager and coaching staff. This can be something you choose or put to a team vote. **This is optional

TEAM PARTIES: Organize and prepare any team parties or end of the season party. Many teams like to host potlucks or field pizza parties for late or double-header games.  This is a great way for family bonding and unity. **This is optional

OBTAINING SPONSORSHIPS: Teams must follow the BFP plan for fundraising. 

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Benicia Fastpitch Softball

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